In Case You Fail That WAEC,… Failure is not the end but just the beginning


There’s panic in the heart of thousands of Nigerian students who took their WASSCE earlier this year. I can imagine the tension and the blood pump going on right now after the broadcast that results will be released on or before Wednesday, 12th of July. During my time, I was in this very state of confusion. Mine might be worst. Actually, I never thought I will survive after my first failure; but here I am today like nothing ever happened.

You might be wondering: Why is this post coming at this time? I wanted to marched forth and grab the megaphone before something uncalled for strike. You failed that important subject doesn’t mean the world has ended. You couldn’t pass didn’t mean you were born to be a failure. One of the reason I hate school so much is that it fails in its assessment of human intelligency. A wise man once said and i quote:

                   “Examination is not the true test of knowledge.”

Despite that this have rose lots of arguments, the truth remains unshaken. This system called school is a defect and not worthy to be a cause to depression. I can’t help but feel hurt reading suicide stories of youngsters whom school pushed beyond their tolerance perimeter. It pains deep within.

If you’ve taken WAEC for more than three times, maybe more and you keep trying and trying..I think it’s time you give up and face the real world. You have to break the matrix if you must live in financial freedom. That school you’re so attached to wasn’t made to get you a job. It wasn’t meant to build your intelligence quotient. Sometimes I think its main objective was to keep millions of able-bodied youths off the street. This might sound laughable but hey, take a little time off and ponder on this. Imagine how crowded the street will be if there were no school. If over millions of students in all Nigerian campuses are to withdraw, what do you think will happen to the available jobs? Of course their will be chaos.
I don’t think anyone can ever destroy this system. However, you can break it in yourself by letting go of these mind games. Thousands of graduates who are in a rut of no return wish they can take back all the years wasted in school.

You need money to go to school = School to get a job = job to make money..

Is this not laughable? Why waste millions in school just to be paid peanuts after graduation? That’s even when you’re lucky enough to secure the job. Yet! Many are killing themselves just to dwell in oblivion as if school is a ticket to happiness or freedom.

Interestingly enough, Edison and Disney didn’t complete high school. Jobs and Zuckerberg never graduated college yet, they have made impact that college or university professors won’t dare make in their lifetime. Why then do you still feel as if your destiny is tied to the university?

You’re a genius, there’s great things inside of you. You might not see it.. Your teacher or tutor might not.. But it’s there. Do you know what school does, it grounds your geunity by refused to teach you the subject of money. It doesn’t train you to be a capitalist. It trains you into being an employee, a slave. The more your financial responsibility rise, the more you ask for a raise. What happens when one can’t meet with the rising financial responsibility? He kept asking for a raise, when it doesn’t come, things unimaginable comes to mind .

My precious dear, the expectations from friends and family can be overwhelming. Just take a halt and ask yourself: Will going to school solve my need? I think 18 years in school is enough.. If you want to add on it, you’re free. You’re better than this. Have you heard this before; if you want to make an impact, break the rules? School is a rule, break from it and your generation will forever be grateful. It’s like the matrix. Beak it!

So, stand up tall.. Do what you love.. Failure is not the end but just the beginning. Share this with lots of people. You never can tell who you might save.


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